02 Jun

Aluma Wallet XL

Have you been using your wallet for a long time?  Is it old and full of cards, notes, lottery tickets, etc. to the point that you can’t make head or tails what is important anymore? The Aluma Wallet XL may be a good solution to this problem.  This wallet designed much like the original version except that its 25% larger.  It is still lightweight and slim in design.  The Aluma Wallet XL has the capability of carrying more of your important business cards, bank cards, and money while still easily fitting into your pocket. 

01 Jun


There are various types of cookware out in the market.  They are made from different materials including anodized aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel.  OrGreenic is different.  This is non-stick cookware made from a new type of ceramic coating. 

OrGreenic is designed with an ergonomic handle and is easy to handle due to its lightweight construction.  For those of you looking for a new set of cookware, it would seem like a good idea to give this cookware set a try.  You can test out their skillet which is available for $19.99 or go with the complete OrGreenic 16-Piece Cookware Set which you may purchase with an easily managed 6 payment plan.