09 Jul

Use Pedi Spin to Care for your Feet

pedispinWhat is a callus?  It’s an area of thick skin that is formed on the foot due to extensive friction and tension.  It may start out mild, but without treatment it can become quite painful.  Who is at risk and are there ways that it can be treated?

There are people who may be more susceptible to getting calluses than others. People who work while standing up for the majority of their work shift are at a higher risk because their weight is putting constant pressure on their feet for long periods of time.  Senior citizens are at a higher risk as well because as you get older you lose elasticity in your skin.  It also seems that those with either flat feet or high arches are susceptible to developing calluses as well.

Painful calluses on your feet can be treated by a podiatrist who may create a surgical incision using a specialized knife.  After complete removal of a callus bandages and proper wound care for up to 10 days is usually required.  Non-surgical means of callus removal also exist. Devices such as the Pedi Spin, which uses a 2-disc system to sand off the callus and then smoothen it out, can be helpful as well.

However you decide to remove the callus the important thing is that you take proper care of your feet in order to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by calluses.

03 Jun

Pedi Spin


If you suffer from tough and thick callused skin, the Pedi Spin may be an option worth considering.  The Pedi Spin is designed with two treatment options.  The Polished plate is used to help remove thicker, tougher callused skin while the finishing plate is used to smooth out rough edges. It’s also used to maintain soft and smooth skin in-between polishing treatments. Try the Pedi Spin to rejuvenate your feet today.