09 Jul

Leave your Laptop Speakers behind consider Music Bullet

music-bullet-portable-speakerBuilt-in speakers used on laptops usually leave something to be desired. The sound volume and quality of your average laptop often leaves you looking for a better option.

A mini-speaker can be a good fit when you want a small speaker to replace the built-in speakers used on your laptop. Mini-speakers are low-profile speakers that are portable and come equipped with an audio cable and USB cable.  To install, simply plug in the audio cable into the headphones jack, then plug in the USB cable to power the device. This type of speaker is great for when you’re traveling and desire rich sound on-the-go. The Music Bullet is a great example of this type of speaker because it’s affordable and is designed to deliver good bass for its size.

A wireless speaker system is another type of device that may be useful for replacing those cheap laptop speakers. While a wireless speaker system may be a little bigger, they are designed to deliver surround sound with a smaller footprint.  Depending on the model the speakers can be powered by use of batteries, an AC plug, or USB port.  Installation usually requires placing the RF or Bluetooth transmitter into a USB slot on your laptop and then installing the provided software.  After installation simply turn on the speaker and place it in a desired location for optimal sound.  The price of a wireless speaker system may be a lot steeper (between 150-300 USD) than a mini-speaker, but the sound quality is great for its size (roughly 2x the size of a mini-speaker).

When looking for a good speaker solution for your laptop, a mini-speaker or wireless speaker system are two viable options to consider to deliver the quality and rich sound you may desire while on-the-go.

04 Jun

Music Bullet

The Music Bullet was created for those who have speakers that do not have the amplification or bass levels they want on their laptop, smartphone, or music device.  This mini portable speaker is designed to give the user gigantic sound and kickin’ bass.  By expanding the Music Bullet from just over the base, you can double the output of bass that it provides.  It’s great as a speakerphone for your smartphone or cell phone.  It is the perfect accessory!