23 Jun

Ten Percent Off As Seen on TV Products!



Idea Village is currently running a special online promotion where you can receive 10% off of your order. Idea Village creates a long list of great As Seen on TV products including Flipeez, Flashlight Friends, Micro Touch One, Micro Touch Max, Micro Touch Switchblade, the Stufz stuffed burger press, Instant 20/20, the HD Vision Visor, Finishing Touch Elite and Fun Loom.

The website doesn’t mention how long the 10% coupon code can be applied to your order so check it out today at https://www.ideavillage.com/shop! Happy shopping!

04 Jun

Music Bullet

The Music Bullet was created for those who have speakers that do not have the amplification or bass levels they want on their laptop, smartphone, or music device.  This mini portable speaker is designed to give the user gigantic sound and kickin’ bass.  By expanding the Music Bullet from just over the base, you can double the output of bass that it provides.  It’s great as a speakerphone for your smartphone or cell phone.  It is the perfect accessory!