16 Dec

Best As Seen on TV Gifts for Dad

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the “old man.” Your father is likely the hardest person to shop for come Christmas time, so check out our list of some products that any man could enjoy.


Wipe New

If your dad is someone who tries to keep his car looking clean and shiny at all times or if it is apparent that his car’s trim needs some freshening up, then Wipe New would make an excellent gift. Wipe New is a trim restorer that claims to have your car looking like new for years after applying. It’s easy and quick to apply and it comes with enough product to restore the whole inside or outside of an average mid-sized vehicle.

Explore the full line of Wipe New products


Grill Daddy

For fathers who claim to be grillmasters, the grill daddy is a must have. It is a revolutionary grill cleaning tool that uses steam to bring back the original shine of your grill. No cleaning agents or chemicals are used so the Grill Daddy is extremely safe to use. It is safe to use on iron, steel, and porcelain grills.

Check out the Grill Daddy


Bit 360

The Bit 360 is a tool that could benefit any man who does a lot of work around the house. It can be a hassle switching screwdrivers all the time, and with so many different types it could be hard to keep track of them all. The Bit360 is a screwdriver that can easily change bits with a simple twist. It stores the bits in a chamber on the tool making it almost impossible to lose them. The product also comes with the 6 most common bits already preloaded

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18 Aug

Grill Daddy Brushes Make the Grade


“From burgers to brats, everyone loves eating food cooked fresh on the grill” begins a Grill Daddy Brush review from Graded Reviews. “Over time, however, grills can get gunky and messy. This leads to burgers and steaks that taste more like the grill than the food itself. That’s why keeping a grill clean is important….”

Graded Reviews then goes on to list some of the many pros of Grill Daddy brushes including:

– Cleans without any chemicals
– Steam cleans your grill in minutes
– Easy enough to use every time you grill
– Available in several sizes
– Brush heads are replaceable
– Attacks stuck-on grime with multiple cleaning methods

grill-daddy-brush-graded-reviewsThe review ends with call for customers to buy Grill Daddy brushes. “Grilling on a dirty grill isn’t something you want; so do yourself a favor and buy the Grill Daddy Revolutionary Grill Cleaning Tool. It works like no other grill tool on the market. Utilizing steam cleaning and superior brushes, it simply cannot be beat when it comes to cleaning grills. And since there are a variety of options available, choosing the right Grill Daddy for you couldn’t be easier.”

Read the full Grill Daddy review from Graded Reviews

15 Jul

As Seen on TV Products – Sweepstakes!

There’s a number of great sweepstakes for As Seen on TV products occuring this summer, including Grill Daddy, Snackeez, Wipe New and Juggle Bubbles. Check out these sweeps below and GOOD LUCK!!

Win a Grand Grill Daddy Brush – Grill Daddy Summer Sweepstakes
Enter for a chance to win a Grand Grill Daddy Brush on the Grill Daddy Facebook page. One lucky Grand Grill Daddy Brush winner will be chosen every week and you can enter daily (per person) to increase your chances of winning! This Grill Daddy sweepstakes is only open and offered to legal residents of 50 United States (including D.C.) or Canada (Void in Quebec) who are at least 18 years of age or older at time of entry. Full terms available at https://www.fbcontestapp.com/GrillDaddy/terms.html.

The Grand Grill Daddy is the most luxurious Grill Daddy of all, which is crafted from aluminum. The Grand Grill Daddy also comes standard with replacement brush set. If you’re looking for a powerful professional-grade grill-cleaning tool, the Grand Grill Daddy is for you.

Win a Pair of Snackeez | Snackeez Summer Sweepstakes
Enter to win a 2 pack of Snackeez with the Snackeez Summer Sweepstakes. Snackeez is the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution that lets you have your drink and snack all in one hand and they’re giving away one 2 pack every week until Labor Day. You can enter twice per by day, once on Snackeez Facebook and once on the Idea Village Facebook page (http://bit.ly/IdeaVillageSnackeezSweepstakes). Entrants must be 18+ and a US resident. Sweeps end on 09/01/2014. Full terms at https://www.fbcontestapp.com/snackeez/terms.html.

Wipe New Detail Like A Pro Sweepstakes
Enter the Wipe New sweepstakes for your chance to win a Wipe New Pro Detail Kit that can restore and protect your vehicle for years! You can enter once per day per person on the Wipe New Facebook page. Two Wipe New Pro Detail kit winners will be chosen each week. The Wipe New sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the fifty United States (plus D.C.) who are 18 or older. Sweepstakes ends on 09/15/2014. Full terms at https://www.fbcontestapp.com/wipenew/terms.html

Wipe New™ is the world’s first automotive care product to RESTORE AND PROTECT a variety of surfaces! This innovative formula penetrates deep to restore most surfaces and forms a protective shield against water, salt, ice, harsh elements, and ultra violet damage from the sun – leaving that SHOWROOM NEW look and shine!

Juggle Bubbles Summer Sweepstakes
Enter the Juggle Bubbles (TM) Summer Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Juggle Bubbles activity kit or a $250 Wal-Mart Gift Card. The Juggle Bubbles Summer Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the fifty United States (plus D.C.) who are 18 or older. You can enter once per day per person on the Juggle Bubbles Facebook page. Full terms available at https://www.fbcontestapp.com/jugglebubbles/terms.html.

22 Jun

Keep Your Grills Clean with the Grill Daddy


Engineer and inventor, Michael Wales, designed and patented Grill Daddy in 2006. He was disgusted with the grease, grime, and buildup grills produced and was unimpressed with the flimsy cleaning brushes on the market at the time. On behalf of the growing legion of backyard chefs everywhere dealing with dirty charred grills, he decided to do something about it!

What makes Grill Daddy so innovative and unique? Michael’s technology delivers professional-grade steam cleaning action at a cost-effective price — with no cords, batteries, or moving parts. An elegant design, sturdy construction, intuitive features, and a balanced feel makes grill cleaning almost as much fun as grilling!

View all the latest Grill Daddy products on the official Grill Daddy website.

03 Jun

Grill Daddy “Takes a Splash”

Splash Magazines just lauched their “Father’s Day Home & Garden Gifts” for 2014 and they picked two Grill Daddy products: Grand Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy King Tong Pro.

grand-grill-daddy-la-splashTheir report on the Grand Grill Daddy:
The Grand Grill Daddy is a cleaning tool that utilizes an ergonomic design & steam-cleaning technology to keep grills spotless, without the use of chemicals
Grand Grill Daddy cleans with the power of steam to remove caked on food residue & grease, without the use of harsh chemicals
The Grand Grill Daddy has an ergonomic design & aerospace-quality aluminum alloy body provide leverage while protecting your hands from grill heat
Grand Grill Daddy has a main brush & scraper brush, made of double gauge stainless steel, are easily replaceable and dishwasher safe
This brush is safe on stainless-steel, ceramic, and iron grills

grill-daddy-king-tong-la-splashTheir report on the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro:
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Grill Daddy’s King Tong is engineered with a variety of safety features that allow users to safely tend fire pits, fireplaces and handle hot objects while staying at a safe distance. The King Tong Pro, Grill Daddy’s new power tongs, deliver unparalleled control The patent pending King Tong is 30” in length and constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel that is lightweight and extremely durable. The flared tong jaws are spring actuated to open wide for large diameter logs or close for smaller kindling. To keep user’s hands safe from extreme heat, Grill Daddy integrated its patented Heat Shield Comfort Grip handles into King Tong. Unique to King Tong Pro is a pop-up Power Handle that rotates 180° to provide maximum leverage when handling large objects.

More at http://www.lasplash.com/publish/Home_and_Garden_Gift_Guides/father-s-day-home-garden-gifts-2014.php

12 May

Celebrate Father’s Day with Grill Daddy and StufZ


Barbequing is an exciting way to explore different recipes and techniques for creating tasty foods. The grill offers opportunities to experiment with different food combinations that you might not even think about when cooking indoors. For instance, burgers can be enhanced in ways that no one would expect by filling the inside of the meat with delicious flavors and textures. A burger shaping tool called StufZ makes the perfect sized patty and it is designed to fill the interior pocket and seal the burger to hold the contents without falling to pieces while sizzling on the grill.

Some of the best ingredients for stuffing a burger are vegetables and cheeses. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm soft bun with a mouth-watering perfectly grilled burger and then having your tastebuds explode as you begin to chew and taste the unexpected addition of sautéed fresh mushrooms and onions layered with Swiss cheese. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Try making a StufZ burger with real bacon bits and cheddar cheese or fresh tomato slices with basil and mozzarella and a little balsamic vinegar. If you prefer a turkey burger use the StufZ with apple or pear slices and brie cheese. Delicious!

Your grill itself is just as important. It’s the canvas of your masterpiece. To get the results that you want, you have to use the right tools. Heavy-duty accessories that are designed to work in high temperatures and have long handles to steer clear of sudden flare-ups are extremely important for your safety. Grill Daddy offers a large selection of heat-shield grilling tool kits and really practical options so that you don’t have to find a big space to store all kinds of large and awkward spatulas and tongs. Interchangeable heads and a neat zippered case make your grilling time smooth and easy so you can keep your focus on your barbeque creations! Also, use a Grill Daddy brush to ensure a quick and easy clean-up and keep your grill rack clean and ready to go for your next great inspiration!

Father’s Day is a great time to kick-start grilling season for anyone who enjoys being a “grill daddy” – so get him a real Grill Daddy brush – and a StufZ hamburger press – for amazing barbequing this summer.