21 Jan

Fran Drescher and Yes by Finishing Touch Join to Fight Cancer


Yes by Finishing Touch spokeswoman, Fran Drescher, is an uterine cancer survivor, an advocate for better health, and the founder of the Cancer Schmancer Foundation. (Read about Fran’s story as a cancer survivor). The mission of the Cancer Schmancer Foundation
“is to shift the nation’s focus from just searching for a cure to prevention and early detection of cancer in order to save lives.”

In order to help Fran achieve their important goal, part of the proceeds from Yes by Finishing Touch sales (and all Finishing Touch products) will benefit Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer foundation.

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09 Dec

Fran Drescher Discusses Yes by Finishing Touch (Queen Latifah Show)

Fran Drescher was on The Queen Latifah Show recently where she discussed her important work with her Cancer Schmancer foundation and how Yes by Finishing Touch is aligned with the foundation.

“I have to say ‘no’ to a lot of things because they contradict the mission of the Cancer Schmancer movement,” Fran says. She then says when she discovered Yes by Finishing Touch she realized is was “a great little product!”

“It works great [and] it eliminates the need for disposable razors,” Fran tells Queen Latifah.

Watch the full video below to hear more about Fran’s work with Cancer Schmancer and Yes by Finishing Touch.

13 Aug

Press Release: Yes! by Finishing Touch and Fran Drescher

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Actress, comedian, philanthropist, and star of “The Nanny,” Fran Drescher has been named the celebrity spokeswoman and face of the Finishing Touch brands. Drescher’s debut for the renowned hair removal brand hits televisions nationwide on August 18th, 2014 with the launch of the new Yes! by Finishing Touch commercial, “Girl Talk.”

Tapping into her comedic talents, Drescher tells women how she got rid of everything in her bathroom that caused her pain, “…the razor, the tweezer, the husband…but that’s another story,” and replaced them with Yes! by Finishing Touch.

The breakthrough hair removal device, Yes!, safely removes hair anywhere, from head-to-toe, on all skin tones. Using micro-oscillation technology, the Yes! gently sweeps away unwanted hair at the surface of the skin. The advanced Sensa-Light TechnologyTM, allows for instant and pain free hair removal. In true, bubbly Fran Drescher fashion, the star says, “I don’t understand why anyone would say no when you can say Yes! – and goodbye to non-eco-friendly disposable razors.”

Yes! by Finishing Touch is the newest addition in the Finishing Touch product family. Its sister product, Finishing Touch Elite, holds the #1 position in personal hair removal devices for women (A.C. Nielsen, Units Sold at Food, Drug and Mass in the U.S. for the 52 weeks ending 1-4-14) and has sold more than 30 million personal groomers worldwide.


“What better spokeswoman can a Brand ask for? Fran Drescher has, at some point during the past 20 years, been welcomed in every woman’s home. Generations know her and love her as The Nanny. To have such a talented woman as the spokeswoman and face of Finishing Touch is a privilege,” said CEO Anand Khubani.

For more information visit www.finishingtouchyes.com

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