18 May

The 3 Way Poncho… Really Does Fit ANY Body Type!

Funny man Howie Mandel wanted to come up with a creative way to celebrate his 21st appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and oh boy, did he nail it! After seeing Suzanne Somers speak about her new sexy 3 Way Poncho on television, Mr. Mandel decided to make a statement, and wear the garment for his Ellen appearance.

The 3 Way Poncho is a super-soft and light-weight top, that offers several different ways to wear it. Claiming to be versatile enough to wear to the office, out for cocktails, or even to the beach, the 3 Way Poncho offers an all-in-one solution for every woman’s wardrobe. Claiming to compliment all figures and body types, the 3 Way Poncho is as comfortable as it is fashionable! The 3 Way Poncho is offered in 5 different colors, and sizes to accommodate every woman.


17 Mar

3 Way Poncho or 20 Way Poncho?

Patty is a 71 year old woman who loves makeup and all things “girly” and she recently turned her attention the 3 Way Poncho in a video review she does for her YouTube channel.
Of the 17 new and different ways she has found to wear her 3 Way Poncho, she says, “some are cute, some are funny and some are practical.”
Checked out Patty showing off her various 3 Way Poncho looks below:

06 Jan

3 Way Poncho: What’s Your Favorite Color?


Have you heard about the 3 Way Poncho yet?  It’s a beautiful, versatile garment that can be worn professionally, casually, and dressy and it’s brought to us by our dear friend, Suzanner Somers.

The original 3 Way Poncho was only available in Black or Mocha, but now the makers of 3 Way Poncho have recently released the 3 Way Poncho in Rich Violet Blue, Gorgeous Steel Gray and Cranberry!

Right now they’re only available online at Shop3WayPoncho.com. Check them out and tell us your favorite 3 Way Poncho color!

22 Oct

The 3 Way Poncho by Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers (from Three’s Company and the infamous Thighmaster) is back with another great As Seen on TV Product:  the 3 Way Poncho!  It’s been creating a lot of buzz lately (Suzanne and the 3 Way Poncho were recently on Fox and Friends – check it out on our sister site, As Seen on TV Products: In the News).


The 3 Way Poncho is a versatile garment that can transform your look from casual, to dressy, to professional in just seconds.  It’s made with ultra-soft and lightweight fabric so it can be a go-to garment for all seasons.  Wear it up with a hood, over your shoulder or let it drape around your neck.   The possibilities are endless!  The 3 Way Poncho comes it (2) neutral colors:  black and mocha and is available in Misses or Plus sizes.

Learn more about the 3 Way Poncho