Savvier Direct Response Logo and BuildingSavvier is a fully integrated direct response company specializing in marketing, product development, manufacturing and international distribution. In addition to growing their own line of products, Savvier also provides services to other companies in the industry. Under the leadership of Jeffrey Tuller, Savvier has the resources and expertise to license, develop, manufacture, market and distribute innovative products.



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[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”melt it off” id=”inb_1″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Melt It Off”]melt it off websiteMelt It Off website

[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”bender ball” id=”inb_2″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Bender Ball”]bender ball websiteBender Ball website

[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”Shapely Secrets” id=”inb_3″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Shapely Secrets”]Shapely Secrets websiteShapely Secrets website

Shapely Secrets blog

[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”tummy tuck belt system” id=”inb_4″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Tummy Tuck Belt”]tummy tuck belt website Tummy Tuck Belt website

Tummy Tuck Belt blog