29 Oct

Star Wars: New Movie and New Snackeez


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters this December and Star Wars fans everywhere are already going crazy with excitement!

Just in time for the new movie Snackeez has released their all-in-one cup with Star Wars characters.   Combine your drink and snacks in a cup with the wise Yoda, the darling C-3PO, or the courageous Chewbacca.

Look for the Star Wars Snackeez cups at your favorite local retailers or buy them online at Toys ‘R Us or Amazon.

27 Jul

Cut Down the Glare with HD Night Vision Glasses


YouTube reviewer, JDNitro, turns his attention to the HD Night Vision Glasses in one of his video reviews.

HD Vision Night Wraparounds improve color, clarity and optical definition, so you can see better when driving. The special anti-glare lenses reduce eye strain and glare from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights in wet or dark conditions. Plus, these fashionable Euro-style wraparounds fit easily over your prescription glasses, or can be worn alone! Perfect for men or women.

JDNitro says “they’re not the fashion statement of the year,…but they do fit over prescription lenses with no problem.”

JDNitro gives them a solid 8 out of 10!  “Buy them, pick them up,” he says.

Watch his full HD Night Vision glasses video below:

20 Nov

Let SpeedOut Give you a Hand

Have you’ve ever stripped a screw or broken off the head of a bolt.  It can be frustrating trying to get it out of the wood.  Now you can use SpeedOut: the damaged screw and bolt remover.  SpeedOut helps you to easily remove any stripped screw in seconds. The Speed Out bits work with your drill so, if you can use a drill, you can use SpeedOut.

Learn more about Speed Out and keep this one in mind for the coming holidays!


09 Jun

Observe Nature with the My Spy Birdhouse

Have you seen the My Spy Birdhouse yet? It’s the amazing see-through birdhouse that you can attach to your window. It was recently reviewed for the site “Does it Really Work?” and most people are giving it a thumbs up rating. The website itself reviewed the My Spy Birdhouse and said the following:

“Whenever a product encourages the observance of nature then it is a good thing. There are many benefits to bird watching that is applicable to all age groups. My Spy Birdhouse is appealing because it does allow one to observe these beauties of nature without intruding on their privacy or frightening them. As mentioned there are several similar type products on the market, and for the most part the reviews in general for these are good. One word of caution though is, that even if the birds cannot see you observing them, you need to be quiet during your observations and not touch the glass as they could pick up on the sound and this in turn could frighten them. If they have had babies in this new home and the Mom gets scared she may not return to the nest.”

Check out the My Spy Birdhouse review at “Does It Really Work?” for more information.

21 Apr

HD Night Vision Wraparounds

hd-night-vision-glasses-aboutHD Night Vision Glasses are top quality, high definition optics. These wraparound glasses have high definition color, clarity and contrast. The special anti-glare lenses found in HD Night Vision Glasses reduce eye strain and glare from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights in wet or dark conditions.

They can fit over your prescription eyeglases and are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or a tiny purse. They are perfect for for night time driving or driving in the rain or snow. They are lightweight and great for both men and women! Learn more about HD Night Vision Wraparounds by visiting the official HD Night Vision website.

02 Jun

Aluma Wallet XL

Have you been using your wallet for a long time?  Is it old and full of cards, notes, lottery tickets, etc. to the point that you can’t make head or tails what is important anymore? The Aluma Wallet XL may be a good solution to this problem.  This wallet designed much like the original version except that its 25% larger.  It is still lightweight and slim in design.  The Aluma Wallet XL has the capability of carrying more of your important business cards, bank cards, and money while still easily fitting into your pocket. 

02 Jun

Aluma Wallet

For some men, your wallet is your lifeline.  It contains everything from your bank and credit cards to business cards and currency.  Given time, it can bunch up so much that you can’t tell what’s important or not.  Aluma Wallet is a designed to hold on to your cards and money in a lightweight and slim design.  Alongside it being water resistant and virtually indestructible, utilizing the Aluma Wallet will help you organize your money, credit cards, and personal affects to avoid it getting overstuffed.