02 Mar

Copper Fit: A Family Review

copper-fit-central-minnesota-mom-reviewKaren is a 30 something Minnesotan who enjoys crafting, cooking, reading, fishing, gadgets, and keeping up with her three children. In her blog, Central Minnesota Mom, she considers Copper Fit and the benefits of copper.

She has her husband, son, and daughter try the Copper Fit knee sleeve during her review as says:
“If you are an athlete, work in a physically demanding job, or are just looking for a natural alternative to ease pain and improve mobility, Copper Fit may be ideal for you.”

Read Karen’s full Copper Fit review at http://centralmnmom.com/natural-relief-copper-infused-compression-garments/

15 Jan

Get Ripped with Iron Gym!


It’s the new year and many people have made those resolutions to make themselves more fit for 2015. Introducing one possible As Seen on TV product that may help you on your journey, the Iron Gym. Iron Gym is the total upper body workout bar! It can strengthen and tone your chest, back, arms, abs, shoulders and more!

Iron Gym can be attached and removed from door frames in seconds. You don’t need to drill, use tools or fasteners to use Iron Gym. It is constructed with heavy duty steel and it can help you to “get ripped…quick!”

Learn more about the Pro Fit Iron Gym and watch this Iron Gym video review below

17 Oct

KOMO (Seattle, WA) Reviews the Trusty Cane

Trusty Cane is “the cane you can trust” and TV station, KOMO of Seattle, WA decided to review the Trusty Cane with “some real cane experts at the West Seattle Senior Center, where people know first hand how a good cane can help you get around when you need extra stability.”

News reporter, Connie Thompson, meets with residents, Emily Malgren and Sharon Doman, both of whom use canes regularly. “Sharon took it for a walk around the room and found Trusty Cane a big improvement over her old, traditional stick cane, which once belonged to a relative” Thompson reports.  “Emily gave it a test drive and seemed to like it, too.”

On a 1-4 stars scale both women gave the Trusty Cane 4-stars.

Watch the full Trusy Cane review from KOMO below:

19 Sep

Brett Favre Becomes Copper Fit Spokesperson


A press release recently announced that retired NFL player, Brett Favre, has become the new ambassador for the Copper Fit brand. Copper Fit are copper-infused compression sleeves for painful, sore, stiff and working knees and elbows. Read the full Brett Favre and Copper Fit press release on our sister site (As Seen on TV Products: In the News) and be sure to watch the Copper Fit “Life After Football” commercial featuring Brett below:

Learn more about the Copper Fit sleeves.

05 Jun

Snackeez a Hit in Florida


AsSeenOnTVHot10.com is “the premier As Seen On TV store located at Pier Park on Panama City Beach, Florida” and they recently did a write up about Snackeez on their website.   They provide a lot of great pictures of Snackeez as well as discuss many benefits and features of this all-in-one cup.    They also talk about the possibilites one could use it for.  “What is great about the Snackeez is it can be used for so many different drinks and snacks. You can use it in the morning and take your coffee and granola with you when you are in a hurry. Put some milk in there and some cereal on top and just dump the cereal into your milk when you get to school or work. Take it with you on your daily run and have some fruit and water. There are just so many possibilities.”

Check out their Snackeez review

15 Apr

MicroTouch Switchblade

The MicroTouch Switchblade is the 2-in-1 trimmer that lets you groom everywhere, from head to toe! It’s powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Just slide to switch!

The Micro Touch Switchblade 2-in-1 design includes lighted mini and full size trimmers for head to toe grooming. The Micro Touch Switchblade includes precision snap-on guides for superior control and a FREE bonus 10-piece grooming kit.

The MicroTouch Switchblade is great for keeping sideburns, mustaches and beards razor sharp. It can perfectly groom those bushy eyebrows and the Micro Touch Switchblade can remove that unsightly ear hair and much much!   Learn more on the official MicroTouch Switchblade website.


11 Apr

The Wax Vac

The WaxVac is a breakthrough new product that provides a gentle and effective way to clean your ears! The Wax Vac lets you effectively draw dirt particles and moisture out of your ears through gentle suction; this means saying goodbye to those painful cotton swabs. The WaxVac comes with 8 silicone suction tips and a cleaning brush to make it convenient for the whole family to use. Visit the official Wax Vac website for more information.



09 Jul

Use Pedi Spin to Care for your Feet

pedispinWhat is a callus?  It’s an area of thick skin that is formed on the foot due to extensive friction and tension.  It may start out mild, but without treatment it can become quite painful.  Who is at risk and are there ways that it can be treated?

There are people who may be more susceptible to getting calluses than others. People who work while standing up for the majority of their work shift are at a higher risk because their weight is putting constant pressure on their feet for long periods of time.  Senior citizens are at a higher risk as well because as you get older you lose elasticity in your skin.  It also seems that those with either flat feet or high arches are susceptible to developing calluses as well.

Painful calluses on your feet can be treated by a podiatrist who may create a surgical incision using a specialized knife.  After complete removal of a callus bandages and proper wound care for up to 10 days is usually required.  Non-surgical means of callus removal also exist. Devices such as the Pedi Spin, which uses a 2-disc system to sand off the callus and then smoothen it out, can be helpful as well.

However you decide to remove the callus the important thing is that you take proper care of your feet in order to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by calluses.

06 Jun

Tummy Tuck Belt

The Tummy Tuck Belt is a device that is designed to help your regular exercise and diet effectively burn up to 4 times the amount of belly fat.  This is done through a 10 minute method that accompanies this specialized belt.  This method sparks the fat burning that can last for up to several hours.   For an instant slimming look, you can wear it under your clothing or you can combine exercise and diet with the Tummy Tuck belt for added effectiveness in your workouts.  The Tummy Tuck™ System can also be used by utilizing the 10 minute method to aid in gradually melting away body fat regardless of the amount of weight loss.