10 Dec

Star Wars Snackeez

Everyone is talking about the forthcoming Star Wars:  The Force Awakens movie.  What better way to celebrate the latest Star Wars movie with your very own Star Wars Snackeez cup.  The cups feature characters from the new movie and are available in the regular Snackeez size and Snackeez Jr.  They don’t appear to be available online, but you can find them in many retailers.


29 Oct

Star Wars: New Movie and New Snackeez


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters this December and Star Wars fans everywhere are already going crazy with excitement!

Just in time for the new movie Snackeez has released their all-in-one cup with Star Wars characters.   Combine your drink and snacks in a cup with the wise Yoda, the darling C-3PO, or the courageous Chewbacca.

Look for the Star Wars Snackeez cups at your favorite local retailers or buy them online at Toys ‘R Us or Amazon.

23 Mar

Now You Can Have Your Very Own “The Claw” Arcade Game!


We’ve all seen them in the stores and even in some animated films. It’s “The Claw” machine. A chance to win your favorite prize by carefully positioning a claw over the item your desire and waiting in anticipation to see if it grabs it and makes it to the chute.

Now you can buy your very own Claw Arcade Game. “Kids will love this electronic arcade game that provides hours of at-home entertainment, especially at events like birthday parties,” says a description from Amazon.com. “Simply set your sights on a prize; then move the controls up, down, left and right to grab it. Drop it down the chute before the music stops, and it’s yours…Parents can fill “The Claw” Candy Grabber Arcade Game with all types of prizes – candy, gum or small toys (not included). Includes arcade tokens. Requires 3 “D” batteries (not included). Measures 10″L x 7.5″W x 13.5″H.”
The Claw Arcade Game doesn’t appear to have its own website, but you can find them in retailers such as Sears, Amazon, and Toys ‘R Us.

Here’s one great review of The Claw Arcade Game from popular YouTube review, Grav3YardGirl.

11 Mar

Snackeez All-in-One Cup Wins Product of the Year


Snackeez, the first ever all-in-1 snacking solution for use at home or on-the-go, has been voted Product of the Year. It comes as no surprise this mom- approved, dishwasher safe, clever and innovative 16 oz. solution cup is the most top voted product of 2015 in the Kids Novelty category. Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Winners are backed by the votes of 40,000 consumers in a national representative survey conducted by research partner TNS, a global leader in consumer research.

Read the full press release on the official Snackeez blog

29 Dec

Glam Twirl: Twirl it, Wrap it, Snap it!

There’s a new hair styler in town that your girls are going to love! It’s called the Glam Twirl and it’s a 2 in 1 hair styling tool. Glam Twirl let’s you switch hair styles in a matter of minutes as you switch between the Glam Twirl Twirler and the Glam Twirl Wrapper. You just twirl it, wrap it and snap it!

Glam Twirl Styling Tool with Twirler and Wrapper comes along with 4 Rolls of Colored Wrapping Thread, 24 Beads, 50 Rubber Bands, a Threader, and the Glam Twirl Style Guide. Right now, they’re offering a FREE gift when you order online: 2 additional Rolls of Colored Thread, 12 more Beads, 4 Hair Ties, 4 Barrettes, 4 Head Bands, and even a cute Glam Twirl Purse.

Learn more on the official Glam Twirl website, visit the Glam Twirl blog or visit Glam Twirl on Facebook.

Watch the official Glam Twirl commercial below:

03 Sep

My Fun Fish Review: A Lovely Aquarium without the Mess

my-fun-fish-review-as-seen-on-tv-product-reviewsReview site, As Seen on TV Reviews, recently reviewed the My Fun Fish self-cleaning aquarium and highlighted how this aquarium can be a great home for Betta fish without the hassle of having to clean the tank.

“Now you don’t have to keep turning down your kids’ request of having fish at home” says the As Seen on TV Reviews review. “My Fun Fish lets you and your kids enjoy the marvels of underwater life without any mess in your indoor spaces. The aquarium will be a hit with the kids and it can bring the kids out of grownups as well. Having My Fun Fish is good for your children’s imagination and they will also learn the important lesson of tending to a pet and looking after him.”

The review site praises My Fun Fish saying: “My Fun Fish can help home owners fulfil their wish of having a lovely aquarium at home without having to deal with the mess and the effort required for its maintenance.”

Read their full My Fun Fish review at http://www.asseenontvonsale.com/for-the-home/fun-fish/

26 Aug

Frugal Mom Says: Juggle Bubbles Fun for Kids

Lisa is a mom living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who is “always seeking great deals and better, affordable ways of enjoying life with [her] family.” She recently did a review of Juggle Bubbles for her website, Twin Cities Frugal Mom and says Juggle Bubbles are “fun for kids.”

“My kids were excited to review a new product called Juggle Bubbles” Lisa begins. “As soon as the boxes came in the mail my kids were anxiously opening them up so they could play with them.” Lisa goes on to say:

“We blew up bubbles easily, but releasing it from the bubble blower was a bit tricky. We practiced some more and got a few bubbles to stay in our hand for a few moments or float in the air. Later we went to my daughter’s friend’s house and all the kids together were able to create some good bubbles that lasted a bit. Here my daughter’s friend’s brother created a good one that he could hold in his hand.”


What was this frugal mom’s final opinion about Juggle Bubbles? “Overall, I think Juggle Bubbles are fun for kids, especially those who love playing with bubbles (who doesn’t?). The bubbles take a little getting used to make them bounce like in the video and advertisements, but they can still entertain kids both indoors and out.”

Read her full Juggle Bubbles review

28 Jul

Summer Fun with Juggle Bubbles

juggle-bubbles-review-mommy-reviews-02Mommie Review’s is a website that focuses on “reviews, giveaways and freebies for you” and they’ve recently explored how Juggle Bubbles creates summer fun.

“It has been a lovely summer full of fun outdoor activities for the children” says Sally O. “Swimming, playing with their yard toys and going to the park have been frequent activities that the children have enjoyed but another activity that they have thoroughly enjoyed is playing with bubbles.”

juggle-bubbles-review-mommy-reviewsSally O. goes on to say how she discovered Juggle Bubbles. “This kit contains a special, no-pop solution that allows you to blow bubbles that you can toss around without having them pop! It sounded like alot of fun to me and I wondered how my children would do with Juggle Bubbles….I was really excited to share this with my little ones.”

After trying the Juggle Bubbles with her two children Sally O. says “My children thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Juggle Bubbles Activity Kit and love being able to blow huge bubbles! The Juggle Bubbles Kit can be purchased directly from Juggle Bubbles website and it retails for $10 plush shipping and handling. So for some crazy summer fun, check out Juggle Bubbles and see what amazing things you can do with these fun bubbles!”

Read her full review of Juggle Bubbles at http://www.mommysreviews.com/2014/08/juggle-bubbles-review.html

23 Jul

Introducing the My Fun Fish Self-Cleaning Tank

You’ve had fun this Spring with birds in your My Spy Birdhouse! Now it’s time to enjoy your fish with My Fun Fish! That’s right! Hampton Direct, the makers of My Spy Birdhouse, have done it again! Introducing the My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank!


My Fun Fish is an aquarium that cleans itself! It uses gravity clean technology to keep water clean, fresh and oxygenated. My Fun Fish is kid-friendly and it is mess-free. The My Fun Fish cleaning tank is a half-gallon aquarium, it is sized at 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches and you can display it in any room of your house. My Fun Fish will captivate your entire family’s imagination!

When you purchase My Fun Fish you’ll get: the MY FUN FISH Tank; one white LED light, one aquatic plant for your tank and even some riverbed stones. You also receive their BONUS My Fun Fish Nightime Tank Kit (just pay separate shipping and handling) which includes: six glow-in-the-dark stones, one blue LED light and one red LED light.

Learn more about My Fun Fish by visiting the official My Fun Fish website!

09 Jun

Observe Nature with the My Spy Birdhouse

Have you seen the My Spy Birdhouse yet? It’s the amazing see-through birdhouse that you can attach to your window. It was recently reviewed for the site “Does it Really Work?” and most people are giving it a thumbs up rating. The website itself reviewed the My Spy Birdhouse and said the following:

“Whenever a product encourages the observance of nature then it is a good thing. There are many benefits to bird watching that is applicable to all age groups. My Spy Birdhouse is appealing because it does allow one to observe these beauties of nature without intruding on their privacy or frightening them. As mentioned there are several similar type products on the market, and for the most part the reviews in general for these are good. One word of caution though is, that even if the birds cannot see you observing them, you need to be quiet during your observations and not touch the glass as they could pick up on the sound and this in turn could frighten them. If they have had babies in this new home and the Mom gets scared she may not return to the nest.”

Check out the My Spy Birdhouse review at “Does It Really Work?” for more information.