10 Nov

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Reviews


Everybody loves Christie Brinkley! She’s smart, kind, loving, and beautiful.    Brinkley recently released a new line of products called Christie Brinkley Skin Care and the reviews are flowing in!

Check out a sampling of the many Christie Brinkley Skin Care reviews:

Wiles Magazine gave Christie Brinkley Skin Care a big stamp of approval and said, “…with a range of products from facial cleansers to eye-brightening serums, the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Collection lets every woman have effortlessly healthy looking and radiant skin.”

Allycia Wilson (Managing Editor for BeautyStat.com) said in her Christie Brinkley Skin Care review of RECAPTURE Day + IR Defense Anti-Aging Treatment:  “I used this for several days under my make up and just loved it….”

Linda (from BeautyZY Blog) says Christie Brinkley Skin Care’s Closeup Instant Wrinkle Reducer and Treatment was a hit.  “In just seconds, I have better looking skin. This is not a miracle product, but it is as close to one without surgery as you can get!”

Self-proclaimed beauty junky, Anita Rivas, gave Christie Brinkley Skin Care 5 stars in her Christie Brinkley Skin Care review and says: “Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare is more than a skincare collection attached to a pretty face….It’s the first ever of its kind that literally protects and reverses premature aging skin due to sun damage.”

Patricia Tortolani, from Allure magazine, named Christie Brinkley Skin Care as one of 5 beauty products she’s obsessed with and says Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Treatment “is a supercream by the ultimate supermodel….”

And in a recent Hollywood Life article Bonnie Fuller named Christie Brinkley Uplift + IR Defense Firming Neck & Decollete Cream  as one of the best “Neck & Décolleté Creams.”



16 Oct

Bye-Bye Spa Bills!


Are you sick of paying a fortune to get your nails done?

Do you find doing your nails properly at home to be a real challenge?

Naked Nails may the answer!  Naked Nails is a smooth and shine manicure system which can give you natural, shiny nails quickly and easily.

In a Naked Nails review from TV Stuff Reviews one reviewer highlights a number of features about this product:

Two Smooth Rollers:  You will be provided with two of the smooth rollers. These rollers are used to remove ridges and imperfections.

Two Shine Rollers: You will also be provided with two high shine rollers. These rollers buff the top of the nail to create a smooth glossy finish.

Nail Shaper: Every order also comes with a nail shaper. You can use this roller to trim and file your nails for a perfect shape. Use this shaper to perfect all nail shapes whether it be square, round, almond or pointed.

Callus Remover: Naked Nails also comes with a callus removing roller. This roller will painlessly remove even your toughest calluses so you can have feet that are smooth and sexy.

Pedicures Too:  Do not only use this product for manicures you can use it for pedicures too.

The reviewer also says, “Getting regular manicures and pedicures is expensive because they require a lot of upkeep. You can say goodbye to expensive spa bills for good because Naked Nails lets you give yourself a manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your own home.”

Read more about this Naked Nails review and learn more about Naked Nails.

07 Oct

Immediate Results with Christie Brinkley Skin Care


“Wrinkles. Every one will eventually get them. I’m sure I have ones forming as we speak and being a new mom, I feel like I’m aging even quicker,” says Kat from Kat Stays Polished.

Kat decides to give Christie Brinkley Skin Care Closeup Instant Wrinkle Reducer and Treatment a try and she shares her Christie Brinkley Skin Care review with her readers.

“I don’t usually use items like this in my skin care regimen, mostly because I forget,” Kat admits. “This cream/serum has no scent which is perfect. I definitely felt a difference after applying it. It blends in well and leaves no residue of any kind on my skin. I can go on with my day as normal and at night, I don’t feel like I’ve woken up with any sort of greasy skin.”

Kat goes on to say: “Overall, if you are looking for something with almost immediate results, I’d recommend it.”

Read more about Kat’s Christie Brinkley review and learn more about Christie Brinkley Skin Care on the official Christie Brinkley Skin Care blog.

20 Sep

No Worries with Keranique

Do you suffering from thinning hair?

Our friends at JennyReviews review recently reviewed an As Seen on TV product that helps women with thinning and aging hair: Keranique.


Keranique is a clinically proven system that can help you to grow thicker and fuller hair. “Thinning hair issues mars a woman’s crowning glory,” JennyReviews reminds us. “Dull, limp, and dry hair heightens the hair loss condition. Keranique hair therapy does more that restore each individual hair strand to health, it also helps hair to regrow.”

“Stop hair loss, prevent further hair loss, regrow new hair, and have healthy shiny hair without any worries as you can get the Keranique hair care system to use on a risk-free trial basis,” the review says as it closes.

Here is the Keranique Guarantee:

If you are not completely delighted with Keranique, call Customer Service at 1-888-805-4271 within 30 days of receipt of your shipment to request a Return Number and return the containers of Keranique, even if they are empty, within 2 weeks to avoid further payments or for a full refund of the product purchase price less the shipping and processing. Return postage required.

Learn about all the latest Keranique news on their Keranique Facebook page.

Read the full Keranique review on Jenny Reviews

09 Sep

Is Finishing Touch Freedom One of Your Faves?


Beauty expert, Laura Lee, recently discussed some of her favorite things on her YouTube channel, including As Seen on TV product Finishing Touch Freedom.

Finishing Touch Freedom is a gentle and safe hair remover created for women on the go.

“This is the best hair remover,” says Lee. “It’s not going to cut you….It’s portable and I carry it in my purse….It’s perfect for touch up spots!”

Yes Laura! We know we grow toe hair too!

Learn more about Finishing Touch Freedom

18 Jul

Microtouch Max for the Young Men in Your Life!

microtouch-max-review-eightymphmomEightyMPHMom says her 14 year-old son started shaving and she was hesitant to give him a razor and some shaving cream.  She decides to get her son, Johnny, the MicroTouch Max and she shares his opinions about Micro Touch Max on her blog saying:

“….He likes it.  The Micro Touch Max is easy to use and isn’t clunky like a standard electric shaver.  He said that he likes the light feature – it makes shaving easier.”

Read more about their MicroTouch Max review or visit the official MicroTouch Max website.

19 Jun

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare on HSN

The Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line is taking the skin care industry by storm!  Christie Brinkley Skincare includes eight products and it is being called a breakthrough anti-aging skincare line that works to recapture your skin’s youthful appearance.

The line is now available through the Home Shopping Network.  Watch the HSN video about Christie Brinkley Skincare below:

04 Jun

Treat Your Thinning Hair: A Keranique Review


Keranique is a solution for thinning, flat, lifeless hair in women. Engineered specifically for women, Keranique products say they can deliver outstanding results for all hair types.

Danielle Tumminio (from What’s My Flicka) decided to give Keranique a try and she reports the following:

Keranique really made my hair soft and bouncy. After the first use, the volume in my hair increased, and the conditioner helped keep my hair smooth without weighing it down!

Read more of Daniell’s Keranique review and learn more about Keranique.

28 May

Finishing Touch Freedom: Just in Time for Summer

Summer is upon us which means it’s bikini season! Grooming is an important part of bikini prep, and can be overwhelming to some. Waxing is painful and expensive, and shaving can be time consuming and difficult. Finishing Touch Freedom is the solution; it’s quick, easy, and pain-free, that you can take with you on the go!


The Freedom offers you discreet and simple hair removal, for even the busiest of women. The Freedom comes in two fabulous colors and patterns, so you can look fresh, while staying cute. Notice a stray hair you missed, but you are already at the beach? No problem! Pack your tiny Finishing Touch Freedom in your beach bag, for that last minute touch up. Great for bikini lines, underarms, toes, and even gentle enough for your face, you won’t know how you ever lived without it!

28 Apr

Introducing Finishing Touch Freedom

There’s a great, new hair remover for women on the scene and it’s from the popular Finishing Touch brand. Introducing the Finishing Touch Freedom!

Finishing Touch Freedom gives you the “freedom to have fun!” This on-the-spot hair remover can remove hair instantly and painlessly. With Finishing Touch freedom you’ll have no nicks, cuts, bumps or burns. Finishing Touch Freedom is safe on all types of skin and it gives you freedom for embarrassing hair – anytime, anywhere!

Finishing Touch Freedom is available in eye-catching colored patterns and can be found at your local Walmart.

Learn more about Finishing Touch Freedom – and the whole Finishing Touch line – on their Finishing Touch Facebook page