03 Dec

Jitter Critters: Motion Activated Dog Toy

Jitter Critters are an interactive dog toy that “your pup will never get bored with.” The raccoon shaped toy jiggles around and makes noise as your dog is playing with it. The sellers of the product claim that it’s super soft but still extremely durable.


What separates Jitter Critters from other interactive dog toys is the fact that it is activated by motion, so Fido can still play around and enjoy all of the features of his new toy even when you aren’t around. This product could appeal to any dog owner who wants to keep their dog as active as possible.

The reviews so far for Jitter Critters seem to be on the positive end, receiving an average of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 29 user reviews, with several users claiming that it is their dogs’ new favorite toy.

However, some reviews are claiming that it is too small for larger dogs and it could potentially be swallowed whole, so keep that in mind before you purchase.

Check out Jitter Critters Official Page to learn more about the product.

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