28 Nov

Save Time with DrainWig


SavingCommonCents.com  blogger says she has a house filled with daughters and a dog and that means clogged drains.  She decided to give DrainWig a try and posted her DrainWig review for her readers.

The DrainWig Hair Catcher is supposed to be a solution to help prevent messy unclogging jobs and expensive calls to plumbers.  The tiny whiskers attached to the chain catches hairs as they flow down the drain. They are said to be easy to install and an universal design fits most shower drains (or tub drains – the choice is yours). DrainWig Hair Catchers are completely disposable and you can unclog the drain without touching it.

In her review this blogger says she placed Drain Wig in her shower and tub and left them in for two weeks and found hair that she could remove.  “There are so many other things I’d rather do than fight with a clogged drain,” she declares. “DrainWig gives me that precious time back.”

Read more about this DrainWig review and learn more about DrainWig on their DrainWig blog.


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