02 Mar

Copper Fit: A Family Review

copper-fit-central-minnesota-mom-reviewKaren is a 30 something Minnesotan who enjoys crafting, cooking, reading, fishing, gadgets, and keeping up with her three children. In her blog, Central Minnesota Mom, she considers Copper Fit and the benefits of copper.

She has her husband, son, and daughter try the Copper Fit knee sleeve during her review as says:
“If you are an athlete, work in a physically demanding job, or are just looking for a natural alternative to ease pain and improve mobility, Copper Fit may be ideal for you.”

Read Karen’s full Copper Fit review at http://centralmnmom.com/natural-relief-copper-infused-compression-garments/

03 Nov

The New As Seen on TV Craze: Cooper Infused Products

There’s a new craze happening in the wonderful world of As Seen on TV:  copper infused products.   Copper’s natural properties have been appreciated for thousands of years.  Ancient civilizations – including the Egyptians, Romans and Aztecs – often used copper for health and wellness.  They also used copper for antimicrobial purposes and copper is known to possess antimicrobial properties and enhancement benefits.


There are now a number of products that provide the antimicrobial and anti-odor benefits of copper.  Many of them are pairing the benefits that come from copper with compression wear.   Cooper Fit are compression sleeves for painful, stiff, sore, and working knees and elbows and they are made of the highest quality copper-infusion.  Copper Socks are copper-infused high performance socks for ultimate comfort and protection.  These socks are anti-odor and can help protect you from those chronic foot smells that can come from sweating.  Miracle Copper Compression Socks help revive tired feet and legs with the power of copper and they also help to control odor.

19 Sep

Brett Favre Becomes Copper Fit Spokesperson


A press release recently announced that retired NFL player, Brett Favre, has become the new ambassador for the Copper Fit brand. Copper Fit are copper-infused compression sleeves for painful, sore, stiff and working knees and elbows. Read the full Brett Favre and Copper Fit press release on our sister site (As Seen on TV Products: In the News) and be sure to watch the Copper Fit “Life After Football” commercial featuring Brett below:

Learn more about the Copper Fit sleeves.

05 Aug

Does it Really Work? Copper Fit Review

copper-fit-review-does-it-really-workPopular review site, Does it Really Work?, has completed a review of the Copper Fit Compression Sleeves.  Copper Fit are compression sleeves that can reduce muscle stiffness, joint pain and it can reduce swelling. The use of copper as part of Coopper Fit provides antimicrobial elements which helps can help to ward off damaging bacteria. Copper Fit sleeves can also help to prevent injury.

Does it Really Work? gave Copper Fit a Buy/Try rating and said:

“Price wise it is comparable to similar products on the market and even less when you consider you are getting a second one free with the price of shipping included. ”

Read their full Copper Fit review