12 May

Celebrate Father’s Day with Grill Daddy and StufZ


Barbequing is an exciting way to explore different recipes and techniques for creating tasty foods. The grill offers opportunities to experiment with different food combinations that you might not even think about when cooking indoors. For instance, burgers can be enhanced in ways that no one would expect by filling the inside of the meat with delicious flavors and textures. A burger shaping tool called StufZ makes the perfect sized patty and it is designed to fill the interior pocket and seal the burger to hold the contents without falling to pieces while sizzling on the grill.

Some of the best ingredients for stuffing a burger are vegetables and cheeses. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm soft bun with a mouth-watering perfectly grilled burger and then having your tastebuds explode as you begin to chew and taste the unexpected addition of sautéed fresh mushrooms and onions layered with Swiss cheese. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Try making a StufZ burger with real bacon bits and cheddar cheese or fresh tomato slices with basil and mozzarella and a little balsamic vinegar. If you prefer a turkey burger use the StufZ with apple or pear slices and brie cheese. Delicious!

Your grill itself is just as important. It’s the canvas of your masterpiece. To get the results that you want, you have to use the right tools. Heavy-duty accessories that are designed to work in high temperatures and have long handles to steer clear of sudden flare-ups are extremely important for your safety. Grill Daddy offers a large selection of heat-shield grilling tool kits and really practical options so that you don’t have to find a big space to store all kinds of large and awkward spatulas and tongs. Interchangeable heads and a neat zippered case make your grilling time smooth and easy so you can keep your focus on your barbeque creations! Also, use a Grill Daddy brush to ensure a quick and easy clean-up and keep your grill rack clean and ready to go for your next great inspiration!

Father’s Day is a great time to kick-start grilling season for anyone who enjoys being a “grill daddy” – so get him a real Grill Daddy brush – and a StufZ hamburger press – for amazing barbequing this summer.

10 Apr


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09 Jul

Consider a Ceramic Knife like Yoshi Blade

yoshi-blade-ceramic-knifeKitchen knives have been used in food prep for centuries.  Knives have been made from many materials such as: plastic, titanium, carbonite, and stainless steel.  In recent years, ceramic knives such as The Yoshi Blade have made their way into the fold, but how does the implementation of this material different from traditional cutlery?

The hardness of a ceramic knife seems to be a benefit that sets it apart from conventional cutlery.  Because ceramic is considered one of the hardest materials around, the sharpness of the blade can be maintained for longer periods of time.  The need for re-sharpening is greatly decreased which makes it more convenient for the user.

This hardness of a ceramic blade is also beneficial because it is chemically inert due to the closeness of the pores in the material.  The acids or other agents in food don’t seep into the material causing discoloration like in conventional knives.  Additionally, Ceramic is lighter than traditional materials making it easier to use for longer periods of time without rest.

Ceramic knives hold a multitude of benefits over traditional cutlery. The ease of use combined with its ability to stay sharp for longer periods of time makes ceramic knives an attractive option to consider when shopping for new cutlery.

07 Jun

Furniture Fix

If your couch is sagging due to strained springs and frames, there’s a product that’s designed to reverse this.  The Furniture Fix offers that lift you need in furniture.  It comes with 6 inter-locking panels that can be customized to fit almost any sized couch or seat that needs it.  Furniture Fix is designed to help preserve your furniture instead of having to throw it out and purchase new couches or seats.

06 Jun

Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans are pants that look like jeans, but have the feel of sweats and pajamas.  This famous product has been featured on TV since late 2009 as a comfortable alternative to blue jeans for women across the country and around the world.  They are crafted with the patented Dormisoft® fabric (a hybrid of cotton and spandex) which hugs the curves of your body for an extremely comfortable fit.  Pajama Jeans can easily be worn out or right to bed after a long day.  Pajama Jeans are designed to be worn for multiple occasions and activities whether you want to exercise or just lounge out.

06 Jun

Tummy Tuck Belt

The Tummy Tuck Belt is a device that is designed to help your regular exercise and diet effectively burn up to 4 times the amount of belly fat.  This is done through a 10 minute method that accompanies this specialized belt.  This method sparks the fat burning that can last for up to several hours.   For an instant slimming look, you can wear it under your clothing or you can combine exercise and diet with the Tummy Tuck belt for added effectiveness in your workouts.  The Tummy Tuck™ System can also be used by utilizing the 10 minute method to aid in gradually melting away body fat regardless of the amount of weight loss.

05 Jun

Magic Minerals

Magic Minerals was conceived and created by Jerome Alexander.  It was created to cover, conceal, and correct any flaws that may be seen on the skin.  This is accomplished through their unique built-in color corrector which matches up to your skin tone.  For covering up age spots, dark circles, and multi skin-tones, Magic Minerals introduces its ultra-fine micronized mineral powder.  It can be applied without bunching up in any wrinkles or caking up.  This all-in-one makeup system is safe on the skin and made without any irritants or fragrances.  Magic Minerals would last up to 12 hours and adjusts to your skin tone easily.

05 Jun

Shimmer Body Art

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos are a home-based kit that emulates the temporary tattoos you’ve seen at theme parks and parties.  The ability to create bedazzling designs using this professional shimmer body art kit only takes seconds.  After deciding on your design, you simply press the stencil on the spot you want, brush on the patented glue, dip it in glitter, then place on the stencil liberally until you’re satisfied with its glowing look! Regardless if you want a small design on your ankles and feet or a bigger design on your back or arm, Shimmer Body Art will enhance your child’s birthday party or slumber party.  You can also break out the Shimmy Body Art for occasions such as New Year’s, Memorial Day, or just for a night out on the town with family and friends.  The Shimmer Body Art can be the perfect accessory so everyone can enjoy this glowing, glitter look anytime.

05 Jun

Yoshi Blade

The Yoshi Blade is a ceramic knife designed to be long-lasting in the kitchen.  It has the ability to take the place most if not all of the knives in your kitchen.  With the Yoshi Blade, you can chop, slide and julienne vegetables.  You can also thin slice due to its Santoku design.  It can be a great help prepping meals at home just like chefs do in a restaurant kitchen.  Made from Zirconium Oxide (which is 40% harder than steel), its built to stay sharp and won’t rust or pit.

04 Jun

Yoshi Blue

The Yoshi Blue is a skillet that is made to revolutionize cooking.  It has the ability to cook food in a truly “non-stick” surface.  This surface (made from a combination of nano-ceramic and real diamond particles) makes using and cleaning this pan with as little as a few wipes using a wash cloth. This is opposed to standard skillets that you have to use a scouring pad and “elbow” grease to get out any burns or char that may develop through regular use.  When cooking, there is really no need to use cooking oil or butter to create delicious, flavorful meals without the need of extra grease or fat.  The Yoshi Blue will ensure that cooking and cleanup will be easier saving you time to enjoy your savory dishes.