16 Dec

Best As Seen on TV Gifts for Dad

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the “old man.” Your father is likely the hardest person to shop for come Christmas time, so check out our list of some products that any man could enjoy.


Wipe New

If your dad is someone who tries to keep his car looking clean and shiny at all times or if it is apparent that his car’s trim needs some freshening up, then Wipe New would make an excellent gift. Wipe New is a trim restorer that claims to have your car looking like new for years after applying. It’s easy and quick to apply and it comes with enough product to restore the whole inside or outside of an average mid-sized vehicle.

Explore the full line of Wipe New products


Grill Daddy

For fathers who claim to be grillmasters, the grill daddy is a must have. It is a revolutionary grill cleaning tool that uses steam to bring back the original shine of your grill. No cleaning agents or chemicals are used so the Grill Daddy is extremely safe to use. It is safe to use on iron, steel, and porcelain grills.

Check out the Grill Daddy


Bit 360

The Bit 360 is a tool that could benefit any man who does a lot of work around the house. It can be a hassle switching screwdrivers all the time, and with so many different types it could be hard to keep track of them all. The Bit360 is a screwdriver that can easily change bits with a simple twist. It stores the bits in a chamber on the tool making it almost impossible to lose them. The product also comes with the 6 most common bits already preloaded

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26 Sep

Mighty Light: Not So Mighty?


The Mighty Light is an automatic light that turns on when motion is detected. It has a built-in photo sensor that detects darkness and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Mighty Light is LED and can last up to 30,000 hours. It is weather resistant. No wiring required and installation is completed by following an easy peel/stick process or by using a screw.

But does it really work?

According to the review site with that very name, “Does It Really Work?,” the answer is “no.”

“At the end of the day we’re talking about a battery powered light, not some magical creation that is going to turn your world upside down,” says the reviewers. “[K]eep a level head on this one because chances are you’ll be underwhelmed if you build this up too much.”

In their final comments they give Mighty Light their “thumbs down” saying: “The Mighty Light is getting our Thumbs Down, based on their ordering process, the delay from the time they collect your money to the time they ship your order, and the lousy performance of the product once it arrives. That’s three strikes and they’re out of here.”

If you have – or decide you want to try the Mighty Light – you can find them at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Let us know what you think of your Mighty Light by leaving a comment!

Read the full Mighty Light review from Does it Really Work?

28 Nov

Yes! by Finishing Touch is Changing Lives

yes-finishing-touch-review-life-on-off-guest-listA product reviewer from the blog, My Life On (and Off) the Guest List, recently reviewed Finishing Touch Yes! Finishing Touche Yes! is a hair remover with advanced sensa-light technology that is safe to the touch and gentle on your most sensitive skin areas.

The reviewer talks about her constant problems with body hair on her arms and she shows a number of great before and after shots.

“I admit I completely underestimated the Yes! by Finishing Touch Hair removal device” she says. “I’m so happy to say this product has changed my life.”

Read more about the review at http://www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com/2014/10/hair-free-pain-free-yes-by-finishing.html

20 Nov

Let SpeedOut Give you a Hand

Have you’ve ever stripped a screw or broken off the head of a bolt.  It can be frustrating trying to get it out of the wood.  Now you can use SpeedOut: the damaged screw and bolt remover.  SpeedOut helps you to easily remove any stripped screw in seconds. The Speed Out bits work with your drill so, if you can use a drill, you can use SpeedOut.

Learn more about Speed Out and keep this one in mind for the coming holidays!


17 Oct

KOMO (Seattle, WA) Reviews the Trusty Cane

Trusty Cane is “the cane you can trust” and TV station, KOMO of Seattle, WA decided to review the Trusty Cane with “some real cane experts at the West Seattle Senior Center, where people know first hand how a good cane can help you get around when you need extra stability.”

News reporter, Connie Thompson, meets with residents, Emily Malgren and Sharon Doman, both of whom use canes regularly. “Sharon took it for a walk around the room and found Trusty Cane a big improvement over her old, traditional stick cane, which once belonged to a relative” Thompson reports.  “Emily gave it a test drive and seemed to like it, too.”

On a 1-4 stars scale both women gave the Trusty Cane 4-stars.

Watch the full Trusy Cane review from KOMO below:

12 Aug

Pretty Opinionated about Micro Touch Switchblade

Nicole Etolen is a freelance writer, mother to a 7-year-old boy and the owner of blog, Pretty Opinionated. In her blog she provided her readers with her opinions about the MicroTouch Switchblade in a post entitled, “MicroTouch Switchblade Groomer: A Great Gift for Men!”

“Trying to come up with a great gift for men but feeling a little stumped?” Nicole asks. “Sal [her husband] recently tried out the MicroTouch Switchblade Groomer and he was pretty impressed! His facial hair grows pretty fast, so he’s always looking for the best groomers to keep up with it.”


Nicole reports that she and her husband liked the Micro Touch Switchblade. “The MicroTouch offers great precision trimming. It’s really easy to get to those hard-to-reach spots….Sal liked how easy it was to get everything ‘just so’ with the MicroTouch.”

Read the full Micro Touch Switchblade review at http://www.prettyopinionated.com/2013/11/microtouch-switchblade-gift-for-men/

09 Jul

Leave your Laptop Speakers behind consider Music Bullet

music-bullet-portable-speakerBuilt-in speakers used on laptops usually leave something to be desired. The sound volume and quality of your average laptop often leaves you looking for a better option.

A mini-speaker can be a good fit when you want a small speaker to replace the built-in speakers used on your laptop. Mini-speakers are low-profile speakers that are portable and come equipped with an audio cable and USB cable.  To install, simply plug in the audio cable into the headphones jack, then plug in the USB cable to power the device. This type of speaker is great for when you’re traveling and desire rich sound on-the-go. The Music Bullet is a great example of this type of speaker because it’s affordable and is designed to deliver good bass for its size.

A wireless speaker system is another type of device that may be useful for replacing those cheap laptop speakers. While a wireless speaker system may be a little bigger, they are designed to deliver surround sound with a smaller footprint.  Depending on the model the speakers can be powered by use of batteries, an AC plug, or USB port.  Installation usually requires placing the RF or Bluetooth transmitter into a USB slot on your laptop and then installing the provided software.  After installation simply turn on the speaker and place it in a desired location for optimal sound.  The price of a wireless speaker system may be a lot steeper (between 150-300 USD) than a mini-speaker, but the sound quality is great for its size (roughly 2x the size of a mini-speaker).

When looking for a good speaker solution for your laptop, a mini-speaker or wireless speaker system are two viable options to consider to deliver the quality and rich sound you may desire while on-the-go.

04 Jun

Music Bullet

The Music Bullet was created for those who have speakers that do not have the amplification or bass levels they want on their laptop, smartphone, or music device.  This mini portable speaker is designed to give the user gigantic sound and kickin’ bass.  By expanding the Music Bullet from just over the base, you can double the output of bass that it provides.  It’s great as a speakerphone for your smartphone or cell phone.  It is the perfect accessory!