28 Aug

Are You Team Snuggie?

It’s a classic debate among men and women and we all experience it from time to time. Men like it on the cool side and women like it on the warmer side.   Kelsey James, of WKKG, has found a way to navigate this debate and it involves her very own Snuggie.

“I wish it was 75 in this studio,” says Kelsey.

“I think it feels pretty good,” fellow anchor – Scott – responds.

Kelsey goes on to declare that she needs a Snuggie to keep her warm in the studio and the two discuss their plans to buy orange Snuggies and to put their station logo on them.  That sounds like a cool idea.! You can buy all sorts of iron-ons, paints, and glitter at your local craft store and use them to personalize a Snuggie.  It could make a great holiday present (Yep!  They’re almost here!)


Listen to their full Snuggie conversation and be sure to Like the official Snuggie Facebook page to get all the latest Snuggie news!

We’d like to know!  How would you personalize your Snuggie?

18 May

The 3 Way Poncho… Really Does Fit ANY Body Type!

Funny man Howie Mandel wanted to come up with a creative way to celebrate his 21st appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and oh boy, did he nail it! After seeing Suzanne Somers speak about her new sexy 3 Way Poncho on television, Mr. Mandel decided to make a statement, and wear the garment for his Ellen appearance.

The 3 Way Poncho is a super-soft and light-weight top, that offers several different ways to wear it. Claiming to be versatile enough to wear to the office, out for cocktails, or even to the beach, the 3 Way Poncho offers an all-in-one solution for every woman’s wardrobe. Claiming to compliment all figures and body types, the 3 Way Poncho is as comfortable as it is fashionable! The 3 Way Poncho is offered in 5 different colors, and sizes to accommodate every woman.


17 Mar

3 Way Poncho or 20 Way Poncho?

Patty is a 71 year old woman who loves makeup and all things “girly” and she recently turned her attention the 3 Way Poncho in a video review she does for her YouTube channel.
Of the 17 new and different ways she has found to wear her 3 Way Poncho, she says, “some are cute, some are funny and some are practical.”
Checked out Patty showing off her various 3 Way Poncho looks below:

06 Jan

3 Way Poncho: What’s Your Favorite Color?


Have you heard about the 3 Way Poncho yet?  It’s a beautiful, versatile garment that can be worn professionally, casually, and dressy and it’s brought to us by our dear friend, Suzanner Somers.

The original 3 Way Poncho was only available in Black or Mocha, but now the makers of 3 Way Poncho have recently released the 3 Way Poncho in Rich Violet Blue, Gorgeous Steel Gray and Cranberry!

Right now they’re only available online at Shop3WayPoncho.com. Check them out and tell us your favorite 3 Way Poncho color!

03 Nov

The New As Seen on TV Craze: Cooper Infused Products

There’s a new craze happening in the wonderful world of As Seen on TV:  copper infused products.   Copper’s natural properties have been appreciated for thousands of years.  Ancient civilizations – including the Egyptians, Romans and Aztecs – often used copper for health and wellness.  They also used copper for antimicrobial purposes and copper is known to possess antimicrobial properties and enhancement benefits.


There are now a number of products that provide the antimicrobial and anti-odor benefits of copper.  Many of them are pairing the benefits that come from copper with compression wear.   Cooper Fit are compression sleeves for painful, stiff, sore, and working knees and elbows and they are made of the highest quality copper-infusion.  Copper Socks are copper-infused high performance socks for ultimate comfort and protection.  These socks are anti-odor and can help protect you from those chronic foot smells that can come from sweating.  Miracle Copper Compression Socks help revive tired feet and legs with the power of copper and they also help to control odor.

22 Oct

The 3 Way Poncho by Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers (from Three’s Company and the infamous Thighmaster) is back with another great As Seen on TV Product:  the 3 Way Poncho!  It’s been creating a lot of buzz lately (Suzanne and the 3 Way Poncho were recently on Fox and Friends – check it out on our sister site, As Seen on TV Products: In the News).


The 3 Way Poncho is a versatile garment that can transform your look from casual, to dressy, to professional in just seconds.  It’s made with ultra-soft and lightweight fabric so it can be a go-to garment for all seasons.  Wear it up with a hood, over your shoulder or let it drape around your neck.   The possibilities are endless!  The 3 Way Poncho comes it (2) neutral colors:  black and mocha and is available in Misses or Plus sizes.

Learn more about the 3 Way Poncho



06 Jun

Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans are pants that look like jeans, but have the feel of sweats and pajamas.  This famous product has been featured on TV since late 2009 as a comfortable alternative to blue jeans for women across the country and around the world.  They are crafted with the patented Dormisoft® fabric (a hybrid of cotton and spandex) which hugs the curves of your body for an extremely comfortable fit.  Pajama Jeans can easily be worn out or right to bed after a long day.  Pajama Jeans are designed to be worn for multiple occasions and activities whether you want to exercise or just lounge out.

02 Jun

Aluma Wallet XL

Have you been using your wallet for a long time?  Is it old and full of cards, notes, lottery tickets, etc. to the point that you can’t make head or tails what is important anymore? The Aluma Wallet XL may be a good solution to this problem.  This wallet designed much like the original version except that its 25% larger.  It is still lightweight and slim in design.  The Aluma Wallet XL has the capability of carrying more of your important business cards, bank cards, and money while still easily fitting into your pocket. 

02 Jun

Aluma Wallet

For some men, your wallet is your lifeline.  It contains everything from your bank and credit cards to business cards and currency.  Given time, it can bunch up so much that you can’t tell what’s important or not.  Aluma Wallet is a designed to hold on to your cards and money in a lightweight and slim design.  Alongside it being water resistant and virtually indestructible, utilizing the Aluma Wallet will help you organize your money, credit cards, and personal affects to avoid it getting overstuffed.