20 Nov

Is the Light Angel a Gift from Heaven?



According to the sellers of Light Angel, Light Angel is an easy-to-install, motion-detected, wireless LED flood light that will light your porch, front steps, patio, pool area and more. LED-bright Light Angel porch light has an automatic motion sensor, is cordless and ready for use in all weather conditions. The LED lights are meant to save you money over time and they claim Light Angel will last up to 100,000 hours!

It sounds like a gift from heaven, right? And some are saying it could be!

Review site, Does It Really Work?, says:

“The Light Angel is getting our Solid Try rating. The idea is solid enough, and while it may not be the most technologically sophisticated product on the market, it doesn’t have to be. When the problem is that you need a motion light but don’t want to be bothered with installing a traditional light with a motion sensor on it, all that’s really needed is a battery powered light that lights up when triggered by motion. Simple problem, simple solution, for $20 to $30 and you’re all set, delivered to your door.”

TV Stuff Reviews says:

“The Light Angel is very easy to use and to install. There are no cords that need to be installed to get the Light Angel working. Moreover, the Light Angel is also great for just lighting up an area that needs extra lighting as well. Every home that has a porch would definitely need an automatic porch light to help people watch their step. The Light Angel is a perfect porch light as well.”

And Light Angel has a 4-star rating on Amazon with people saying things like:

“The Angel Lights we bought are great. I find them to be extremely bright and we like the fact that they are motion activated.” -paige75

“Perfect for my dark foyer. Just enough light for me to find my keys and unlock the door. It shuts itself off automatically after about 10 seconds and only comes on when it’s dark….” -Angela Benton

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