28 Aug

Are You Team Snuggie?

It’s a classic debate among men and women and we all experience it from time to time. Men like it on the cool side and women like it on the warmer side.   Kelsey James, of WKKG, has found a way to navigate this debate and it involves her very own Snuggie.

“I wish it was 75 in this studio,” says Kelsey.

“I think it feels pretty good,” fellow anchor – Scott – responds.

Kelsey goes on to declare that she needs a Snuggie to keep her warm in the studio and the two discuss their plans to buy orange Snuggies and to put their station logo on them.  That sounds like a cool idea.! You can buy all sorts of iron-ons, paints, and glitter at your local craft store and use them to personalize a Snuggie.  It could make a great holiday present (Yep!  They’re almost here!)


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We’d like to know!  How would you personalize your Snuggie?

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