03 Jul

Enjoy Summer with Wipe New Home and Outdoors!

wipe-new-home-outdoors-tv-stuff-reviewsIt’s summer and that means it’s time to tackle those outdoor DIY home projects.  Wipe New Home and Outdoor is what you need to restore faded outdoor items. It’s a ready-to-use, pre-soaked Wipe New wipe lets you wipe on target areas for a shiny new look.

You can use Wipe New Home and Outdoors on grills, table tops, grills, metal railings, garden fixtures and accessories, hot tubs,  signs, patio furniture, window trim, mailboxes, shutters and sidings, lighting fixtures and more.

According to TV Stuff Reviews’ article on Wipe New Home and Outdoors:

“Wipe New Home is something every homeowner should have, especially ones who want to keep the structures and fixtures in their yard looking like the day they were bought off the market. Wipe New Home works so quickly that users will be astonished at the quick results. One wipe is all it takes and the structure will be both restored and protected against future dirtying. Wipe New Home is an amazing value for what it can do. It can work on so many outdoor materials and items, and applies a beautiful shine that will last for years.”

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  1. Looks like such a neat product for my summer DIY projects!Thanks for sharing this great post!

  2. Great post! I’ve been looking for something to clean my grill off with. Thanks for sharing!

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