20 Apr

Tackle Spring Cleaning with Dutch Glow


Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Now is great time to brighten up those dingy, furniture surfaces and – according to a review from ShopperTested, Dutch Glow might be a great way to do the job!

“I dearly love antiques,” begins the Dutch Glow review. “I even have a habit of driving the neighborhoods on trash day looking to see what’s been thrown out. Several times now, I’ve found old tattered furniture left on the side of the road….”

The review decides to try Dutch Glow on a piece of old furniture she found along the road to see if this furniture polish lives up to its’ claims. “One piece I brought home was so water logged, the wood had turned an opaque whitish color,” she says. “It almost looked like mold was growing on it.” She goes on to say her husband completed doubted she could save the piece, but she was determined to try. She made two passes with Dutch Glow and says: “On the second pass, the wood grain was really beginning to show. It was a deep maple wood with the most exquisite wood grain.”

Her husband returned and was shocked at the results. “His mouth dropped open when he saw it,” she reports.

ShopperTested says Dutch Glow is a “great deal” and provides the following summary:
“Dutch Glow Amish Furniture Polish has made my antiquing adventures more fun than ever. It helps me discover ‘buried treasure. ‘”

Read her full Dutch Glow review at http://shoppertested.com/dutch-glow-review/

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  1. Hope it’s not too late for spring cleaning, just ordered mine yesterday. Excited to see the results.

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