14 Apr

Introducing the MicroTouch Tough Blade


There’s a new MicroTouch product in the town: the Micro Touch Tough Blade. This razor can give you a perfect shave for an entire year for a great price! The MicroTouch Tough Blade gives you a close, comfortable and clean shave using 3 stainless steel blades made with German precision engineering. The first blade lifts, the second one cuts, and the third blade finishes the job. The blades on the MicroTouch Tough Blade last up to 4 times longer than ordinary blades and a micro-thin non-stick coating on each blade helps to protect the cutting edge thus giving you a clean, smooth shave.

Micro Touch Tough Blade is great for sensitive skin and it can provide you with a year’s worth of shaving for under $20.00.

Check out the official MicroTouch Tough Blade website (https://www.toughblade.com/) and the MicroTouch Tough Blade commercial featuring Brett Favre below:

2 thoughts on “Introducing the MicroTouch Tough Blade

  1. It looks like a neat idea, and with those blades lasting for a whole year, it’s a bargain at $20. It costs most than that for 6 blades of my old razor!

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