29 Dec

Glam Twirl: Twirl it, Wrap it, Snap it!

There’s a new hair styler in town that your girls are going to love! It’s called the Glam Twirl and it’s a 2 in 1 hair styling tool. Glam Twirl let’s you switch hair styles in a matter of minutes as you switch between the Glam Twirl Twirler and the Glam Twirl Wrapper. You just twirl it, wrap it and snap it!

Glam Twirl Styling Tool with Twirler and Wrapper comes along with 4 Rolls of Colored Wrapping Thread, 24 Beads, 50 Rubber Bands, a Threader, and the Glam Twirl Style Guide. Right now, they’re offering a FREE gift when you order online: 2 additional Rolls of Colored Thread, 12 more Beads, 4 Hair Ties, 4 Barrettes, 4 Head Bands, and even a cute Glam Twirl Purse.

Learn more on the official Glam Twirl website, visit the Glam Twirl blog or visit Glam Twirl on Facebook.

Watch the official Glam Twirl commercial below:

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