03 Nov

The New As Seen on TV Craze: Cooper Infused Products

There’s a new craze happening in the wonderful world of As Seen on TV:  copper infused products.   Copper’s natural properties have been appreciated for thousands of years.  Ancient civilizations – including the Egyptians, Romans and Aztecs – often used copper for health and wellness.  They also used copper for antimicrobial purposes and copper is known to possess antimicrobial properties and enhancement benefits.


There are now a number of products that provide the antimicrobial and anti-odor benefits of copper.  Many of them are pairing the benefits that come from copper with compression wear.   Cooper Fit are compression sleeves for painful, stiff, sore, and working knees and elbows and they are made of the highest quality copper-infusion.  Copper Socks are copper-infused high performance socks for ultimate comfort and protection.  These socks are anti-odor and can help protect you from those chronic foot smells that can come from sweating.  Miracle Copper Compression Socks help revive tired feet and legs with the power of copper and they also help to control odor.