17 Oct

KOMO (Seattle, WA) Reviews the Trusty Cane

Trusty Cane is “the cane you can trust” and TV station, KOMO of Seattle, WA decided to review the Trusty Cane with “some real cane experts at the West Seattle Senior Center, where people know first hand how a good cane can help you get around when you need extra stability.”

News reporter, Connie Thompson, meets with residents, Emily Malgren and Sharon Doman, both of whom use canes regularly. “Sharon took it for a walk around the room and found Trusty Cane a big improvement over her old, traditional stick cane, which once belonged to a relative” Thompson reports.  “Emily gave it a test drive and seemed to like it, too.”

On a 1-4 stars scale both women gave the Trusty Cane 4-stars.

Watch the full Trusy Cane review from KOMO below: