24 Sep

Snackeez for the Home and the Car


Heather is a “a Montessori mom to Lennox, wife to Kyle, UX Designer at a travel company” and owner of the blog, Terrell Family Fun. She recently provided her readers with a review of the Snackeez cup and she highlighted how this all-in-one snacking/drinking cup can be used at home or on-the-go.

After provided an explantion of the Snackeez Heather notes that “Lennox has been trying out this cup in the car and even in her room or around the house. Many times I’ll find it laying on its side, and to my surprise, not one drip of liquid has spilled out and all the snacks (usually goldfish!) are still in the top….If you are traveling soon or bring snacks & drinks in the car with you often, I would highly recommend purchasing a Snackeez – they really do work well.”

Read the full Snackeez review from Terrell Family Fun.