17 Sep

Consumer Reports Reviews Wipe New

Popular review magazine, Consumer Reports, considers the best exterior car trim cleaners and Wipe New stands out from the pack.


“Black has become the new chrome for many new vehicles,” begins the review. “But exposure to the elements takes its toll, and dark trim often starts to fade to a lighter gray and turn chalky over time. Worse, as the material dries out it can become brittle and prone to breakage.”

“The trend has spawned an array of cleaners and protectants that are designed to restore a dark sheen and preserve a supple flexibility that could help reduce the risk of damage” the Consumer Reports review continues. “We recently sampled five exterior car trim cleaners and found big differences in the claims, performance, and price.”

After fully testing all five of the exterior car trim cleaners the review highlights Wipe New “really stood out, far outlasting all others” and Wipe New was “the easiest to use….”

“Wipe New brought back a rich, dark finish and maintained that look throughout test without added applications.”

Read the full Wipe New review from Consumer Reports.