26 Aug

Frugal Mom Says: Juggle Bubbles Fun for Kids

Lisa is a mom living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who is “always seeking great deals and better, affordable ways of enjoying life with [her] family.” She recently did a review of Juggle Bubbles for her website, Twin Cities Frugal Mom and says Juggle Bubbles are “fun for kids.”

“My kids were excited to review a new product called Juggle Bubbles” Lisa begins. “As soon as the boxes came in the mail my kids were anxiously opening them up so they could play with them.” Lisa goes on to say:

“We blew up bubbles easily, but releasing it from the bubble blower was a bit tricky. We practiced some more and got a few bubbles to stay in our hand for a few moments or float in the air. Later we went to my daughter’s friend’s house and all the kids together were able to create some good bubbles that lasted a bit. Here my daughter’s friend’s brother created a good one that he could hold in his hand.”


What was this frugal mom’s final opinion about Juggle Bubbles? “Overall, I think Juggle Bubbles are fun for kids, especially those who love playing with bubbles (who doesn’t?). The bubbles take a little getting used to make them bounce like in the video and advertisements, but they can still entertain kids both indoors and out.”

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