28 Jul

Summer Fun with Juggle Bubbles

juggle-bubbles-review-mommy-reviews-02Mommie Review’s is a website that focuses on “reviews, giveaways and freebies for you” and they’ve recently explored how Juggle Bubbles creates summer fun.

“It has been a lovely summer full of fun outdoor activities for the children” says Sally O. “Swimming, playing with their yard toys and going to the park have been frequent activities that the children have enjoyed but another activity that they have thoroughly enjoyed is playing with bubbles.”

juggle-bubbles-review-mommy-reviewsSally O. goes on to say how she discovered Juggle Bubbles. “This kit contains a special, no-pop solution that allows you to blow bubbles that you can toss around without having them pop! It sounded like alot of fun to me and I wondered how my children would do with Juggle Bubbles….I was really excited to share this with my little ones.”

After trying the Juggle Bubbles with her two children Sally O. says “My children thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Juggle Bubbles Activity Kit and love being able to blow huge bubbles! The Juggle Bubbles Kit can be purchased directly from Juggle Bubbles website and it retails for $10 plush shipping and handling. So for some crazy summer fun, check out Juggle Bubbles and see what amazing things you can do with these fun bubbles!”

Read her full review of Juggle Bubbles at http://www.mommysreviews.com/2014/08/juggle-bubbles-review.html