11 Jun

Wipe New: Treat Your Vehicle with a Summertime Treat


Have you noticed your automobile needs some love and attention? With the warmer weather upon us, NOW is a great time to help your vehicle look new again with Wipe New.

Wipe New is a revolutionary product used by professionals and it restores and protects your vehicles with one wipe. You can use the full Wipe New product line on your car, trucks, RVs, boats and motorcycles. Their easy to use and apply and Wipe New lasts for years! You can even use them on both interior and exterior surfaces.

The Wipe New line includes the original Wipe New, Wipe New Tires, Wipe New Wheels and Wipe New Headlight Restore.

If you’re looking beyond your cars, the makers of Wipe New have also created a Wipe New Home and Outdoor product that can restores those aging, weather-beaten items around your home including outdoor furniture, grills, shutters, fixtures and more!

Check out the Wipe New website for more information!