05 Jun

Snackeez a Hit in Florida


AsSeenOnTVHot10.com is “the premier As Seen On TV store located at Pier Park on Panama City Beach, Florida” and they recently did a write up about Snackeez on their website.   They provide a lot of great pictures of Snackeez as well as discuss many benefits and features of this all-in-one cup.    They also talk about the possibilites one could use it for.  “What is great about the Snackeez is it can be used for so many different drinks and snacks. You can use it in the morning and take your coffee and granola with you when you are in a hurry. Put some milk in there and some cereal on top and just dump the cereal into your milk when you get to school or work. Take it with you on your daily run and have some fruit and water. There are just so many possibilities.”

Check out their Snackeez review