03 Jun

Grill Daddy “Takes a Splash”

Splash Magazines just lauched their “Father’s Day Home & Garden Gifts” for 2014 and they picked two Grill Daddy products: Grand Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy King Tong Pro.

grand-grill-daddy-la-splashTheir report on the Grand Grill Daddy:
The Grand Grill Daddy is a cleaning tool that utilizes an ergonomic design & steam-cleaning technology to keep grills spotless, without the use of chemicals
Grand Grill Daddy cleans with the power of steam to remove caked on food residue & grease, without the use of harsh chemicals
The Grand Grill Daddy has an ergonomic design & aerospace-quality aluminum alloy body provide leverage while protecting your hands from grill heat
Grand Grill Daddy has a main brush & scraper brush, made of double gauge stainless steel, are easily replaceable and dishwasher safe
This brush is safe on stainless-steel, ceramic, and iron grills

grill-daddy-king-tong-la-splashTheir report on the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro:
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Grill Daddy’s King Tong is engineered with a variety of safety features that allow users to safely tend fire pits, fireplaces and handle hot objects while staying at a safe distance. The King Tong Pro, Grill Daddy’s new power tongs, deliver unparalleled control The patent pending King Tong is 30” in length and constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel that is lightweight and extremely durable. The flared tong jaws are spring actuated to open wide for large diameter logs or close for smaller kindling. To keep user’s hands safe from extreme heat, Grill Daddy integrated its patented Heat Shield Comfort Grip handles into King Tong. Unique to King Tong Pro is a pop-up Power Handle that rotates 180° to provide maximum leverage when handling large objects.

More at http://www.lasplash.com/publish/Home_and_Garden_Gift_Guides/father-s-day-home-garden-gifts-2014.php