09 Jul

Scare Away your Child’s Fear of the Dark with Bright Light Pillow

bright-light-pillowChildren may go through a period in their lives when they fear the dark. Fear of the dark can arise for a number of reasons, but what can you do if it’s bedtime and your children are simply too scared to go to sleep?

It may be a good idea to discuss with your child what is frightening them when they are headed off to sleep. If they have problems with nightmares, it may be a good idea to help by giving them the skills to cope. Try making a game out of scaring the “monster” away or using flashlights to turn the room into a personal “treasure” hunt. This may help your son or daughter feel brave.

Illuminating your child’s room may also be a good idea if they are afraid of monsters. Having a constant light source in the room may put your child at ease and help them overcome their fears. You may consider purchasing an illuminating pillow such as: a Glow Worm or a Bright Light Pillow which work much like a night light. Installing a small fish tank would work in a similar fashion to give the bedroom enough illumination to help your child rest easy.

There are various ways you can help your children cope with any fears they may experience when it’s bedtime. Decide what may help your child relax so that they may fall asleep peacefully.