09 Jul

Leave the Scrubbing Behind with Yoshi Blue

yoshi-blue-cookwareWhen it comes to cookware, stainless steel and cast iron pans seem to be the traditional options. However, non-stick cookware (such as The Yoshi Blue) made primarily with aluminum have recently been increasing in popularity.  What exactly are some of the benefits associated with this type of surface over traditional cookware?

The ease of use for non-stick cookware sets it apart from more traditional options. Non-stick cookware is usually lightweight, easy to handle and easy to wash. Often after cooking there is little or no scrubbing involved when cleaning the pan.  On traditional surfaces, after cooking, there will be a good amount of residue built up which usually require a bit of “elbow” grease to clean thoroughly.

Using non-stick cookware seems to be a viable choice to use for frying, boiling, and baking.  The ease of use and cleaning sets it apart from other pans.