09 Jul

Consider a Ceramic Knife like Yoshi Blade

yoshi-blade-ceramic-knifeKitchen knives have been used in food prep for centuries.  Knives have been made from many materials such as: plastic, titanium, carbonite, and stainless steel.  In recent years, ceramic knives such as The Yoshi Blade have made their way into the fold, but how does the implementation of this material different from traditional cutlery?

The hardness of a ceramic knife seems to be a benefit that sets it apart from conventional cutlery.  Because ceramic is considered one of the hardest materials around, the sharpness of the blade can be maintained for longer periods of time.  The need for re-sharpening is greatly decreased which makes it more convenient for the user.

This hardness of a ceramic blade is also beneficial because it is chemically inert due to the closeness of the pores in the material.  The acids or other agents in food don’t seep into the material causing discoloration like in conventional knives.  Additionally, Ceramic is lighter than traditional materials making it easier to use for longer periods of time without rest.

Ceramic knives hold a multitude of benefits over traditional cutlery. The ease of use combined with its ability to stay sharp for longer periods of time makes ceramic knives an attractive option to consider when shopping for new cutlery.