27 May

Shapely Secrets

Whether you’re 20 or 70, size 8 or size 28, Shapely Secrets™ delivers results quickly, and allows you to live a normal life while slimming down. Shapely Secrets™ is a 7 minute a day program using Greer’s revolutionary Diametric Resistance™ techniques that firm and shape your body fast, combined Greer’s 7 Secrets to Being Thin and Shapely. If you’re tired of counting calories and don’t have time for hours of endless exercise, then you simply must learn the 7 true secrets. They’re easy to do. They’re backed by science and can help you drop inches from your waistline and finally can give you the firm shapely body you’ve always wanted.

The 7 Minute Workout is based upon Diametric Resistance exercises. In traditional strength training exercises they teach you to lift weights, in essence you are working your “muscles against weight”. So if you are lifting 20 pounds of weight, then your muscle is creating a 20 pound force to lift that weight. But what if instead of exerting that force against a weight, you instead pushed against another muscle in your body? Obviously if you can create a force to lift 20 pounds of weight, then you can focus that same 20 pounds of muscle force against another muscle. The result is that now you are working two muscles at the same time. You’re working “muscle against muscle”, and that’s what I mean by Diametric Resistance exercises. The beauty of Diametric Resistance exercises is that you are working multiple muscles at the same time. So you can target your entire body much quicker with just a few exercises. That’s only 7 minutes. Best of all, there’s no running, jumping or any impact. You just stand still and sculpt your entire body. It’s what I call Motionless Exercise™.